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Proximity Exemption - You may apply for a Proximity Exemption if you have an agreement with another nearby return point, to act on your behalf.

Environmental Health ExemptionYou may apply for an Environmental Health Exemption if you can demonstrate that operating a return point would mean you would be in breach of other legislation, such as environmental health, food or fire safety. 

Voluntary Return Point  - You may apply to be a Voluntary Return Point if you can demonstrate that you have the plans in place to operate a successful return point.

For each application type, you will find; exemptions eligibility guidance, application guidance, dedicated application service FAQs and an online application form. Please ensure you have read each relevant application guidance document before submitting an application.

A list of retailer premises that have been granted an exemption by Scottish Ministers can be found below. To enlarge the dashboard, click on the arrows at the bottom right hand side.