Apply for a Proximity Exemption

Use this service to apply for a return point exemption from Scotland's Deposit Return Scheme, if you have an agreement with another nearby return point, to act on your behalf.

You can apply using the online form and we may contact you for further information. You should find out whether your application has been successful within 35 days. 

Zero Waste Scotland will assess your application against the eligibility criteria and pass it to the Scottish Ministers to take a decision.


Before You Start

Before you you start, our eligibility document allows you to check you are eligible before beginning an application. 

Please download and read our eligibility document.


Help and guidance

The guidance document sets out all of the things you need to know before submitting an application and how to complete the form. You must read this in full before submitting an application.

Please download and read our application guidance document.

Start Now

*Please note that once you start the application, you will no longer be able to go back