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Towards a deposit return scheme in Scotland

We've been exploring the evidence for a deposit return scheme in Scotland for several years. Here's some of the history of the project.

Scotland's journey to a deposit return scheme

Scotland has a history of introducing successful recycling, waste reduction and circular economy initiatives, from the carrier bag charge to ensuring that more household waste is recycled than sent to landfill.

Now, Scotland will be the first country in the UK to introduce a deposit return scheme for drinks containers. We’ve created a visual timeline that shows Scotland’s journey towards a deposit return scheme.

Timeline showing process of regulations

Research and evaluation

We have completed a range of research and evaluation projects which have helped inform decisions that helped create the design for Scotland's Deposit Return Scheme.

We've also provided links to selected work from other organisations.

Deposit return evidence summary

Summary: Deposit return scheme for Scotland call for evidence responses

Deposit return system feasibility study

Scottish Government consultation results

Deposit Systems for One-Way Beverage Containers: Global Overview (2016)

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